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Updates Planned for Prairie Sunset Village

Updates Planned for Prairie Sunset Village

Living in an assisted living facility is usually not someone's first choice for their later years, and it can be a hard transition. Close quarters with other people, unfamiliar meals planned for you, and staff checking in regularly can grate on those who previously enjoyed more independence. The staff at Prairie Sunset Village understand this and work hard to provide the high-quality service and a comfortable environment necessary for residents to have a positive experience.

Prairie Sunset Village, Mobridge's only assisted living facility, has 16 assisted living units and 6 senior housing units. Like other housing in Mobridge, when there is an opening, it fills quickly from their waitlist. Mobridge Regional Hospital & Clinics built the facility in 1997 as part of the last major building project the organization underwent. This year, they are investing over $105,000 in maintenance and improvements to the building with the help of a $20,000 grant from the SD Community Fund.

"Residents have been most excited about upcoming renovations to the tub room and the south lawn," shared Haden Merkel, Philanthropy Engagement Coordinator for Mobridge Regional Hospital. "Boilers aren't news unless they aren't working, but replacing them was also a serious, pressing need." The boilers Merkel refers to were original to the building and had started to leak and break down regularly. Maintenance purchased and replaced them late this summer after receiving conditional approval of the SD Community Foundation grant.

Residents will also soon have a tub room with a walk-in tub and a freshly painted and furnished commons area. Currently, the tub room has a standard bathtub that is difficult for most residents to use. The walk-in tub will allow residents the ability to use the space independently. In the commons area, original wallpaper is peeling, the paint has darkened over years. Residents and staff alike are excited for a new look for the common dining room and living room space.

With the current building project currently underway, it's also a perfect time for updates to the south lawn. "The future site of the helipad and surgical suite is taking up a lot of the green space on the north side of the building, so have planned improvements--including a walking path and gardens--to the south lawn to minimize the impact of the current building project on Prairie Sunset Village residents."


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