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Local Husband Honors Wife With $250,000 Donation

"Mobridge Regional Hospital plays a crucial role in our community, providing essential healthcare services to our neighbors and families," said Howe. "I am honored to support their mission and contribute to the well-being of our community members."

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MHR Medical Staff Deliver 1lb Baby

A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) specializes in treating newborn infants who need extra care. Ideally, patients with high-risk pregnancies are referred to a facility with those services. However, with the next closest obstetrics unit 100 miles away, medical staff at Mobridge Regional Hospital perform several emergency deliveries each year. Here is one patient story.

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The Life-Saving Power of a Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy is more than just a routine medical procedure—it's a potentially life-saving examination. Despite the uncomfortable and often stigmatized nature of the procedure, a regularly scheduled colonoscopy can significantly impact your long-term health, detecting issues before they become serious and even preventing life-threatening conditions.

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Mobridge Regional Invests in Lactation Support for New Moms

Until recently, the nearest breastfeeding specialist was 100 miles away from rural moms in Mobridge, SD. Labor and delivery nurses at Mobridge Regional Hospital and Clinics wanted to change that, and, with support from the SD Dept of Health, four of them recently went through training to become Certified Breastfeeding Specialists.

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MRHC Foundation Offers Digital Tour

Sign up today and take a digital tour of our facility including the construction and renovation project.

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Updates Planned for Prairie Sunset Village

With help from the South Dakota Community Foundation, local assisted living residents will benefit from several improvements over the next year.

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MRH Pilots Post-Partum Care Program

The obstetrics team at MRH is piloting a postpartum patient education program adapted from a similar program by the University of North Carolina. The pilot project is a collaboration between Mobridge Regional Hospital and the SD Department of Health's Healthy Innovations Program and seeks to develop a more robust and culturally-appropriate local patient education program that reduces maternal mortalities.

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My First Footprints Came from the Mobridge Regional Hospital

Footprints for those born at Mobridge Regional Hospital available.

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