Come watch us grow- Construction updates

Posted 5/26/22 (Thu)

Photo by Bryson Vetch

Big things happen in small steps. Here at Mobridge Regional Hospital and Clinics, we're excited to have officially broken ground on our construction and renovation project. We know our community and staff are excited to see the changes and improvements we're making as they're happening so check back to this page regularly to see what we're up to.

May 2022

Today was the start of an exciting journey as we saw orange fencing go up in our north parking lot and equipment arriving. A temporary access road was put in to allow our construction team access to the site, and our ambulances and maintenance staff access to the north shed. Kraus-Anderson began digging a trench across the parking lot in order to relocate our oxygen tanks and make room for the new patient wing as part of our expansion and renovation project. 

Photo by Bryson Vetch

Photo by Bryson Vetch

July 2022

The new bulk oxygen tank has been installed and the trench that was dug to connect the lines to our facility has been filled in. The parking lot was then repaired and the old concrete pad and sidewalk where the bulk oxygen tank had been located previously was taken out to allow for excavation and site prep for the new patient wing. New servers were installed and wiring was routed to our new IT room. 

August 2022

Diggers are digging and concrete footers and pads are being poured for the new patient wing. The old walk-in cooler and surrounding area was demolished where the new wing will attach to our current structure. The new main sewer line was installed west of PSV that will eventually attach to our new wing.

Photo by Bryson Vetch

September 2022

A mechanical screen wall was constructed along the north side of our existing building. This will house the fuel tank and generator that run our emergency power along with our boiler.

October 2022

This month, we finished constructing the elevator pit. While we do not plan to install an elevator at this time, putting this in during our construction project allows for much easier installation should we decide to add one in the future. We also poured the footings and foundation wall for the majority of Phase 1 of our project. The foundation system includes insulation, water-proofing and drainage planes to insulate and protect our foundation and investment.

November 2022

Steel has arrived! November brought us tons of holiday excitement (litterally) as we saw our first shipment of steel arrive on the property. Truck loads came in with approximately 200 tons of steel that will be used to create the walls and roof of our new addition along with the northwest side of our existing building. 

Who turned out the lights?! You may have noticed we turned out the lights one day to change our electrical services to the new transformer, now housed along the northeast side of our building. We turned off power as our local and contracted electricians ran conduit and wiring under the parking lot to connect existing power to our new transformer.

 Micropiles were installed deep down adjacent to the existing building as an alternative to soil corrections that require more invasion, noise and vibration that aren't ideal for patient care. Micropiles are a deep foundation system that create stability for us to build upon.

December 2022 

You may have noticed a cool new neon building by our north shed. This building isn't a true 4-sided building, but a mockup of materials used for our new wing. It's construction is done to ensure we'll build the bigger version perfectly. This allows for coordination among the more than 12 trades that are working together to bring this new patient wing to life.

January 2023

We finally see our new patient wing taking shape. This included the exterior wall framing and roof. Additionally, we continued to run conduit to the portion of the building that will house our new electrical room. 

February 2023

We continued with framing and steel through the month of February. Pictured here is the “penthouse” which will house the air handling units on the roof of the new building. This will also include pumps and other electrical. We will begin enclosing this structure soon once cement is poured in the penthouse.

We framed the exterior walls and put up sheathing. Around the windows are window blocking prior to installing the weather barrier and siding. The north side of the building will receive brick, but other exterior siding will be thin brick, metal paneling, along with some detailing around the windows.

Insulation was brought in for the parapet on the roof. The parapet is the ledge that goes around the edge of the roof.

This area will be the future family waiting room which will include large windows which you can see framed in the background. On the floor, you will see insulation barriers to keep the floor from freezing so construction can continue through the winter months. This will include underground plumbing. Once plumbing is complete, the cement slab will be poured so interior construction such as framing, rough-ins for mechanical, flooring and the like can begin.

March 2023

We completed the sheathing on the outside of the new patient wing. Safety rails went up on the roof to ensure the safety of our construction staff while they complete the roofing. Additionally, a Trirex, fall protection system, was brought in to tether construction staff to ensure safety while they are on the roof.

Coverboard was installed along with vapor barrier on the roof of the new addition.

Here we can see more of the mechanical penthouse. This will house our new air handling units and various mechanical and electrical components of the new wing.

This photo shows the clerestory over the new patient wing. This will allow natural sunlight to come in the hallways.

This was taken from the roof of the current building over to the mechanical penthouse on the roof of the new patient wing. Here you can see the windows openings as well as the coiling door opening along the left side to access the equipment housed in the penthouse for future maintenance.

April 2023

In the month of April, concrete was poured in the new patient wing and in the mechanical penthouse on the roof of the new wing. Prior to pouring the concrete slab floor, vapor barrier and wire mesh was laid to protect the floor from moisture and reinforce the concrete. In the foreground, you can see the framing around the bathroom showers so the concrete could be depressed for tile.  

Pictured here, you can see the completed concrete slab and depressed concrete slab for the tile in the showers of the patient rooms.

Here you can see our construction crew is in the process of prepping and spraying the air barrier to help reduce moisture and air infiltration on the outside of the new patient wing. Also pictured here, you can see the window surrounds for the patient room windows.

Framing of patient rooms began for interior walls and doorways. Pictured here, you can see the framing of the South patient rooms.

Here you can see our progress on the different stages of roofing. From the right, you can see the sheathing. Moving to the left, you can see the coverboard, followed by the rubber roofing to finish off the layers of roofing that have been installed to ensure we’re water-tight in our new addition.