Swing Bed

If you or a family member are on the way to recovery, but need a little extra care, the Swing Bed Program at the Mobridge Regional Hospital might be an appropriate option for you.

What is the Swing Bed program?

The Swing Bed Program incorporates skilled nursing with rehabilitation to help our patients meet their maximum potential prior to leaving our facility. Swing Bed patients receive specialized care and recuperate in a caring, professional environment.

Why is it called Swing Bed?

The Swing Bed Program allows your physician to "swing' your level of care from "acute" to "skilled" rehab while you rehab in the hospital. If you would require acute care again you can be "swung" back into acute care.

Who needs Swing Bed?

When a patient reaches the point in recovery where acute care hospitalization is no longer necessary, but they are not physically able to go home; Swing Bed is a positive intermediary step. Some examples of swing bed patients include:

  • Recovery from major surgery
  • Repeated hospitalization
  • Recovery after a major accident or stroke
  • Pain Management
  • Would Care
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Physical/Occupational/Respiratory therapy
  • Terminal Care
  • IV Therapy
  • Diabetes Management
  • Patient Education

Who Qualifies for Swing Bed?

You must have atleast a three day stay as an acute care patient before transitioning to the Swing Bed Program. you must hav a skilled nursing need and'or require rehabilitative therapy. There are no age restrictions to the program.

How can I pay for this service?

The Swing Bed stay can be paid in a variety of ways, such as Medicare, Medicaid and worker's compensation. Also, some nursing home insurance policies pay for Swing Bed care. Our insurance department can answer any questions you may have. The cost of Swing Bed care per day is comparable to nursing home costs.

Benefits of the Swing Bed Program:

Patients will be given the best care in a hospital setting and with the possibility of being seen more frequently by their physician. you will have more time to recover and gain strength before leaving the hospital. Daily therapy is centered on self- care skills and body strengthening, which will increase your independence when you leave.

If you have questions about our swing bed program please contact Kelly Lahren at (605)845-8120.