Home Health Care Services

The purpose of the Home Health Department is to provide health services to persons of all ages for the promotion of health, prevention of disease, care of the sick, rehabilitation of the client and to provide palliative care and support to the terminally ill client and family.

Skilled/therapeutic services are available on an intermittent basis to individuals. Home Health services are arranged upon authorization from the client's physician. Some of these services include simple dressing changes, I.V. therapy, rehabilitation therapy, emotional support, personal grooming, exercise or other needs as directed by your doctor.

Home Health services provide skilled nursing, home health aide, homemaker and other related services on an intermittent basis to clients whose home environment and support system is adequate to provide safe and effective care. Home Health visits are planned around your loved one's schedule, providing them flexibility and control.

The Home Health department at Mobridge Regional Hospital travels a great distance to provide services to persons in Walworth, Campbell, Dewey, Corson counties and the surrounding areas.

For more information about these in-home services, contact the Mobridge Regional Hospital Home Health Services staff at (605) 845-8126.