Message from our CEO

Dear Neighbor and Friend of Mobridge Regional Hospital & Clinics,

In the past year, we have reached a number of tangible goals which are part of our continued journey to be one of America's finest rural health providers. As members of the North Central South Dakota region, the doctors, nurses and staff at Mobridge Regional Hospital & Clinics are honored to be entrusted with your health. We embrace this responsibility today, while striving to nurture staff, strategies and technology that can grow to meet evolving healthcare needs into the future. The developments and achievements of 2011, highlighted in this report, are only the beginning of the work we have planned to ensure Mobridge Regional Hospital & Clinics thrives throughout the coming years.

With the addition of an employed occupational therapist, Mobridge Regional Hospital & Clinics is now able to serve those individuals in need of post-surgical rehabilitation, self-care training, assistance with fine motor skills and a variety of other OT services in a more consistent manner. We have also updated a variety of additional areas including radiology, equipment in the emergency room, sleep studies, critical care education for hospitals and rural ambulance services, and much needed equipment for those suffering from COPD, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and many other diseases and conditions.

As the largest employer in Walworth County, we are dedicated to providing high quality healthcare services for people throughout North Central South Dakota. Our mission statement reflects our commitment to work with our area communities and healthcare providers. This commitment continued throughout 2011 with the operation of our clinics in Timber Lake and McLaughlin. By cultivating these essential elements, Mobridge Regional Hospital & Clinics will continue to meet our community's diverse healthcare needs for decades to come.

Committed to you,


Angelia K. Svihovec                                        

Chief Executive Officer  


 Our Mission

The Mission of the Mobridge Regional Hospital & Clinics is to provide high quality healthcare services in a compassionate and professional manner for people throughout the region.

Our Vision

To become one of America's finest rural health providers.

7 Strategic Initiatives

These seven stregic initiatives were developed to guide Mobridge Regional Hospital & Clinics to better serve our patients and their families as a regional medical center.

1. High quality healthcare is and will remain our top priority.

2. Continue to develop and create top performing compassionate providers and staff to provide high quality healthcare.

3. Continue to provide an environment of exceptional customer experiences.

4. Enhance the exceptional image and identity of Mobridge Regional Hospital & Clinics

5. Be the employer of choice in the region we serve.

6. Develop, implement, and maintain a system of cutting edge electronic medical information.

7. Maintain a strong financial position.